Action Learning

Organisation development* increasing employee engagement * leadership development * team improvement* culture change*

Action Learning achieves positive change for people and performance improvement for teams.

We help our clients develop better leadership, more productive teams and higher profit producing behaviour in organisations. Habits such as setting and striving for challenging but realistic goals, thinking rationally, seeking excellence and taking personal ownership underpin individual performance. Showing concern for others and displaying integrity ensure that teams follow.

Our skill is to help you help your people to increase these satisfying and productive approaches to their work. We have a track record of achieving this using a valid measurement based methodology, coaching, training and facilitation processes.

Akorere - "to learn, to flow, to go into action."

"John has been a big help in enabling us to develop an idea of the direction for us to follow in developing our culture. In addition, his coaching and facilitation has helped us take the steps to get there."
Nico de Witt Vice President AT ABB Asset Management